Great Tech support requires someone who can not only troubleshoot and resolve an issue that someone is having, but also listen and understand that the client’s needs as well. For over ten years of doing tech support, my goal has always been to be friendly, honest, explain clearly what the problem is and what I’m doing to fix the issue, and most importantly make sure the client is happy with my work.

When a client says, I don’t understand the problem, or I don’t know much about technology, I take that opportunity to explain in such a way to the client so that they can better understand.

Hanell Tech is about offering tech support either onsite or remotely, solving our client’s issues, and making the whole experience better. My name is Jim Gallaher and that is always my goal.

If you need help or have any questions, call <a href=”tel:708-398-4588″>708-398-4588</a> or visit the <a href=”https://hanelltech.com/contact-us”>Contact Us</a> page to send us an email.