Onsite and Remote Tech Support – Starting at $45


Is your computer is giving you strange error messages, making strange sounds, running slow, won’t turn on, or something strange is going on? Let us know what issues you’ve been experiencing and we’ll preform an initial diagnostic or series of tests to determine what the cause of the issue is and then explain what needs to be done to fix the problem, and an estimated repair cost.

If your computer repair requires any replacement of hardware, we will provide a free estimate upfront for the cost of any replacement hardware, along with the product’s warranty information.

Virus and Malware Removal – $85 per computer

Computer viruses and malware infections are a common computer issue. Symptoms can range from random advertisements popping up, to very slow performance, to files being tampered with. If you suspect your computer is infected with viruses or other types of malware, we can rid your computer of any infections.

Our virus removal service provides the following:

  1. A backup of any important data
  2. A virus scan to confirm if there is an infection present on the computer
  3. A complete removal of any viruses on your system.

Professional Data Recovery – Free Estimates


Hanell Tech is an authorized reseller for Drive Savers Inc. If you require data recovery services, you can contact them directly to get help from a professional data recovery service. They offer free estimates and free shipping when you send your drive(s) to them. Click the image link below for more information and receive a discount by going through us.

You can also call them 24/7 at 1-800-440-1904 Just mention discount code: DS32637

Backup and Transfer Solutions

Today there’s plenty of methods for backing up your computer. Your options range from simply using a small sized memory card, to hard drives that can connect to your personal network, to offsite storage options. If you need help deciding what would be the best method for backing up your data, we can offer a consultation to help you decide.

One service we highly recommend for offsite backups is BackBlaze

Our referal code link

New Computer, Printer and Network Setup – Starting at $45


New Computer Setup – We will set up a brand new computer, ensue that everything is working correctly, update the operating system software, help you create any user accounts you may need, double check that the correct security settings are in place, and answer any questions that you might have.

Printer Setup – Need help setting up a new printer? Whether it’s connected by a cable or a wireless connection, we will setup up your printer, make sure it’s working correctly, and answer any questions you have such as adding more ink/toner for example.

Network Setup | WIFI and Ethernet (Wireless and Wired) – Get all your computers, tablets, phones, and other devices connected to the internet via a wireless connection and/or a wired connection. We can recommend the proper equipment, ensure your network is properly secured, and show you how to add more devices yourself in the future.

Personal Training – $25 an hour


We offer one-on-one computer lessons for those who need help with learning how to get around their computer and do basic tasks, such as surfing the internet, using email, writing documents, etc. If you are interested in computer lessons, just inquire with us on what subject you would like to learn. No subject is too simple.

Cloud Server Hosting by Linode – Starting at $5 per month

Our website is hosted through Linode. If you are looking for excellent hosting provider that provides quite a bit of flexibility, see our referral link for plans, prices, and details: Linode Hosting Referral Link

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